The Story of UniiStyles


From 2017-2021, I spent the majority of my days and weekends as a full-time students at St. John's University and a full-time employee at New York Community Bank(NYCB). Travelling to and fro by bus, train, or borrowed vehicle, I was determined to get my college Degree, make a living, build my resume, and network with other business professionals. My daily life was booked due to my responsibilities; work, assignments, studying, and attending in-person and virtual networking events, and so on.

As a busy student and professional, I would always get ready in the morning.


For me, getting ready to go out would mean I would need to prepare 3 hours ahead of time to most of the time doing my and finally head to work and school.


This sucked most times because some days I would realize that my hair gel ran out, for example, and with my type of hair (4C) not having gel to do your hair was a crisis! I would find myself going to professional settings looking disarranged (like a whole mess in my opinion). Best case scenario, I would wrap my hair in a evangelist scarf, which personally for me and according to my work policy was unprofessional. 

Point is, my busy lifestyle and responsibilities put me in a vulnerable position whereas I needed products to prepare for the day that morning. There wasn't a service out there that I could rely on to provide accurate availability of a product. Have you ever searched for a product online that said it was available in store but wasn't! Totally aggravating especially when short on time. Also people with my kind of hair usually shop at beauty supply stores which for the most part does not have a online store. Lastly, there wasn't a service that would bring my products to me since I didn't always have a car. Talk about unexpected stress. So I decided to make a service that does all of this for us.

UniiStyles is a marketplace app that is designed to help busy minority Students and Professionals shop for beauty and wellness products from local stores that are delivered in as little as 20 minutes. 


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Offer people the opportunity to access varieties of products bringing diverse communities together to engage, learn, and participate in the each others beauty. 


Deliver Beauty to All Ethnic Backgrounds across the Globe.